5 Comments on “Are the Top 10 Construction Management Firms Missing the Boat on Blogs?”

  1. Sylvia Montgomery
    Joanne, Thanks for your post. I work with a lot of construction firms (and architects and engineering firms as well) and it is very interesting to see the divide that is occurring. While some of the giants you mentioned may not be taking advantage of online marketing, there are some smaller and mid-size firms that are definitely taking hold of the shift in marketing. I recently wrote a blog post on 3 trends that construction marketing can't ignore: http://www.hingemarketing.com/blog/story/changes_in_construction_marketing_3_trends_you_cant_ignore/ -- I hope you check it out. Would love to get your comments on it. Thanks!
  2. Frank
    Its true that construction is a massive industry with a handful of good blogs. I guess it's a very traditional industry that hasn't changed all that much in the last 50 years. It's not like technology where something exciting happens everyday. LinkedIn, it seems is a popular platform for construction professionals. BTW I own a niche blog aimed at construction managers MEP Construction World

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