3 Comments on “Try the Lawn Chair Approach to Social Media”

  1. Frances Archer
    This blogpost brings together two topics I know something about -- Chicago and social media. The lawn chair is a terrific image to convey how social media can facilitate relationships and community. We admire the neighbor who makes the effort year after year to bring the neighbors together -- for a block party, Easter egg hunt or gingerbread house decorating. And as your post points out, it is the consistency of the routine that makes it so memorable. The "work" of social media is very much like being neighborly, but there is another way Chicago lawn chair traditions apply to how social media can be used effectively. In the city, lawn chairs are used to call "dibs" on parking places in the narrow snowbound streets of residential neighborhoods. They serve as reminders of who "owns" the space, just as social media plants reminders in the minds of our audiences that our businesses exist.
  2. Nathan
    Interesting approach term. It's varied from the more common upfront media strategies but I can see where this would be successful. Thanks for sharing!

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