2 Comments on “How Memory & Metaphor Can Help Boost Sales”

  1. Frances Archer
    I think that a logo is for me one of the key visual memory aids I use to identity an individual with their company, so it's well worth the expense of having a professional designer create a unique identity for your business. when someone has a great business card, I pay attention. I try to create an experience that a prospective can associate with me. Since I am, like you, a writer, doing a demo takes some creative thinking. One thing that works in face-to-face meetings is asking the prospect to give me three key words: a product/service, a description of their target audience and an occasion. Using those words, I draw a graph on a piece of my letterhead and develop a couple content topics that incorporate all three words. I give the graph to the prospect as a take away.
  2. Mary Klest
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Frances. Business writers offer so much more than words. Tying in graphics as a visual cue and offering ideas for clients to use are some great ways to be memorable.

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